Espace Libre, Montreal | Architecture film

Espace Libre is a Montreal theater but it is also a building with unique architecture that has become a beacon for Montreal creation.

"After two years of renovations, we wanted to give this architectural gem a starring role and reveal some of its best-kept secrets to you. Through the prism of natural light that illuminates the building and creeps between its walls, and that, artificial, projectors that reveal our room and its multiple possibilities, you are invited to discover Espace Libre as you never have before."

PRODUCTION : Espace Libre
SCRIPT : Geoffrey Gaquère, Joana Neto Costa and Jérémie Battaglia
DIRECTOR : Jérémie Battaglia
EDITOR : Jérémie Battaglia
LIGHT : Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
MUSIC : Nicolas Basque
ASSISTANTS : Étienne Marquis, Sarah Laval