The Goddam Milky Way | Dance film

From the depths of the earth to the dunes of an unknown desert, a group of women embark on an initiatory journey. Pagan mass, quest, or common elevation, The Goddam Milky Way celebrates femininity in all its roughness and complexity.

The film The Goddam Milky Way is an adaptation of the choreographic work of Mélanie Demers.
The piece, created in full confinement and launched as a world premiere in June 2021 at the FTA, is promised an impressive trajectory with scheduled broadcasts on both sides of the Atlantic. In its cinematographic form, it is Jérémie Battaglia who receives the mandate to translate for the screen the choreographic impulses of these extraordinary performers.
By transposing the seclusion of the theater into magnificent settings, the work takes on an unsuspected scale. From the ends of the earth, in the basement of caves to the highest peak of the dunes, The Goddam Milky Way offers a pagan mass, a quest, a common elevation. A celebration by way of protest. Inspired by the incessant mourning that the era provokes, the work becomes a reflection on the incompleteness carried by the power of these five women. A small company. A training. A community. They sketch their universe, draw it and erase it. Wise, they turn the pages of the scores written for them. Rebellious, they turn their backs or turn on them.
A small aesthetic big bang, The Goddam Milky Way projects us into the imperfect and infinite universe to which we belong. From this observation, this damage, this disgust, we agree to continue despite everything. We do this together. And to despair together is already to hope a little.

Un film de Jérémie Battaglia et Mélanie Demers. Une production MAYDAY
D’après le spectacle La Goddam Voie Lactée de Mélanie Demers

Stacey Désilier
Frannie Holder
Brianna Lombardo
Chi Long
Léa Noblet Di Ziranaldi

Jérémie Battaglia

Mélanie Demers

Jérémie Battaglia et Mélanie Demers

Frannie Holder