National Film Board Of Canada | Web-documentaries

A selection of three web-documentaries I directed for the National Film Board of Canada between 2012 and 2015.

Le poids d'une voix ("the weight of a vote")

Le poids d'une voix is a photographic and video documentary project about the provincial election of 2012 in Quebec. It explores the question of the exercise of democracy : is it expressed on election day or every day the year? What forms can it take?

Le printemps d'après ("the next spring")

The social movement of spring 2012 in Quebec raised a wide debate beyond the issue of tuition. A year after the beginning of the movement, Le printemps d'après simply asks: "And now, where are we going ? "

Toi, moi et la Charte ("You, me and the Charter of values")

Toi, moi et la Charte, co-directed with Vali Fugulin, is a collaborative research that draws the portrait of the social debate about the project of "Charter of values" that inflamed the Quebec in 2013. This interactive experience invites you to do encounters that will play with your values.