Quat'sous : Living in the house together | Advertising

For the 2017/2018 season of the Theater de Quat'Sous (Montreal, Canada), the artistic director Olivier Kemeid has given me a carte blanche to explore the themes that concern him and build his artistic and citizen view of the world. What doest it means "living together"? What words / gestures distinguish us, bring us together? What are our wounds, our hopes? I've made this short documentary movie "Living in the house together" as an answer. It follows the day to day life of 5 citizens from Montreal and they share their experience and point of view on this subject which is so delicate and sometimes explosive. I wanted to bring back empathy in a debate that keeps dividing us.

  • Director / Jérémie Battaglia
  • Artistic collaboration / Olivier Kemeid
  • Producer / Sophie de Lamirande / Theater of Quat'Sous
  • Director of photography / Jérémie Battaglia
  • Camera Assistant / Julian Izquierdo
  • Editors / Nicolas Biaux and Jérémie Battaglia
  • Sound design / Stéphane Fufa Dufour
  • Researcher / Annie St-Pierre
  • Post-production director / Kathy Rainville, Post-Modern
  • Colorist / Julien Alix
  • Online editor / Annaël Beauchemin
  • Graphic designer / Le Séisme, Maxime David
  • Music / "Spirit", Jean-Michel Blais & CFCF

With : * Basma Osama, Ceramik B. * Alice Proulx of Lamirande * Eric Thériault * Arthur Toshiro Kamara * Agustin Vasquez-Levi