Résonance : Prélude pour corps et souffle | Dance film

The music of a viola da gamba plays like a bow on two bodies, making them vibrate and weaving the invisible thread of their intimacy. Two instruments of flesh and breath in communion, in fluctuation, in resonance. A painting living in chiaroscuro, emotions like a quiet and deep river, a bond that is woven into patterns and passages. -- Dance video created with the choreographer James Viveiros.

  • Directed and edited by Jérémie Battaglia
  • Concept and choreography by James Viveiros. In collaboration with Geneviève Boulet
  • Dancers : James Viveiros and Geneviève Boulet / Jamesviveiros.com
  • Director of photography and grading : Christophe Dalpe
  • First camera assistant : Robin Rigault
  • Grip and lighting team : Michel Ahelo and Guillaume Pelletier assisted by Bastien Meyer
  • Make up artist : Ana-Maria Cimpoia
  • Hairdresser : Vincent Poirier
  • Production assistant : Julien Marais
  • Produced by Les Productions Extérieur Jour / Elodie Pollet / www.extjour.com
  • Music : Viola da gamba suite in D Major I prelude / Performer : Paolo Pandolfo. Composer : Carl Friedrich Abel. Glossa Music, 2008. www.paolopandolfo.com